Jared Graf is a growth marketing leader with over 12 years of experience developing and scaling Direct-to-Consumer and startup brands. He has successfully sold hundreds of millions of dollars of products and services online and currently works as a growth marketing consultant to some of today's fastest-growing startups.

He has worked at all growth stages from Pre-Seed to Pre-IPO across a variety of categories including fashion, travel, education, beauty, spirits, and home goods.

A common trap we see brands fall into is only looking at the raw data and not looking critically at their positioning or the story they're telling with their products. Or we see the opposite — a brand with great storytelling capabilities but they aren't leveraging it with a data-driven strategy.

Jared takes a holistic approach to growth — looking for opportunities to improve everything from value prop development and brand strategy to creative assets, the onsite CRO and through to the unboxing and post-purchase experience.

Expertise includes but is not limited to end-to-end brand positioning, go-to-market strategy, new and core acquisition channel testing, content marketing, CRO and more. Happy to chat!